Australian Regional Tourism secures $120k funding boost

Australian Regional Tourism has secured $120,000 in funding to support a National agritourism development program for all of regional Australia.

Delivered via a successful grant application to the Building Better Regions Funding Round Five, the funding supports new or expanded local events, strategic regional plans or leadership and capability strengthening activities that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas.

“Agritourism is a key growth market with development of the sector a National regional tourism priority,” said Coralie Bell, Chair at Australian Regional Tourism.

“We are hearing many stories from farmers reporting that offering tourism experiences and opening new income streams has been a life saver in tough times, such as the prolonged drought, while also creating new opportunities for non-farming family members wanting to stay on the farm.

“There is a real misconception in the farming community that people aren’t interested in the work of a farmer, which just isn’t true.

“The agritourism sector is worth approximately $16 billion. In 2019, pre-covid, there were over 800,000 visits to farms from the international market alone.”

In 2018, ART released its discussion paper Boosting regional Australia through the development of agritourism which highlighted there is still a lot of red tape needing to be addressed to develop the sector.

“The importance of Agritourism along with progress required to overcome the barriers for sector development is consistent with the overwhelming support ART has received to continue its work in this area,” said Bell.