Australian AR company among nine picked by Singapore Tourism Accelerator

An Australia-based online platform that provides simple templates and tools to create and deploy Augmented Reality (AR) content is one of nine companies set to benefit from the Singapore Tourism Accelerator program.

Plattar helps tourism businesses use their technology to build their own AR experiences without having to engage a developer and create immersive experiences for consumers via their digital devices.

The Accelerator is co-run by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and its appointed partner Found8, with the nine companies selected to spend the next six months refining and test-bedding innovative solutions that could benefit Singapore’s tourism sector.

The nine companies come from around the world – Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Australia, UK, and the Netherlands – and were chosen from a pool of more than 160 applicants.

“We are encouraged by the quality of ideas presented in the first round of recruitment, and will work closely with industry partners to test the solutions in a real-world setting, with tangible outcomes,” said Poh Chi Chuan, director, digital transformation, Singapore Tourism Board.

“Through the Singapore Tourism Accelerator, we aim to grow and adapt these solutions to address the specific needs of Singapore’s tourism sector, and help our stakeholders stay ahead of the competition.”

Grace Sai, co-founder and head of corporate innovation at Found8, said the collaboration between start-ups and industry players to pilot these solutions could lead to some real breakthroughs.

“With the involvement of Singapore’s tourism and hospitality heavy-hitters, as well as the commitment from the nine selected companies, we are confident that the Accelerator will increase the chance of success in these pilots,” she said.

STB plans to recruit three more cohorts for the Accelerator programme, with the next call for applications opening in November 2019.