Australia top destination for high spending travellers in Asia Pacific


Australia is the top destination for high-net-worth (HNW) travellers in the Asia Pacific with 46 per cent planning to visit in the next 12 months, according to a new report by Marriott’s luxury division.

Marriott’s New Luxe Landscapes report among HNW travellers in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and India reveals they are traveling frequently with longer holidays especially across the Asia Pacific region. An average of six leisure trips is planned within the next 12 months while a third of respondents are planning at least seven holidays this year.


The report shows 68 per cent are spending more on leisure travel with 74 per cent of respondents planning an intra-regional holiday within Asia-Pacific.

Australia is the destination of choice (46%), above Japan (42%) and Hong Kong, China (27%). Sixty-nine per cent of India’s HNW tourists are planning a trip to Australia, which is also the top destination of choice for Indonesian, Japanese and Singaporean travellers.

Indian HNW visitors are driving luxury travel with 89 per cent planning to spend more in the next 12 months. High-end gastronomy is the primary driver for luxury travel with 88 per cent planning holidays around food.

Three distinct new groups of luxury traveller have also emerged – the ‘Venture Travelist’ who seeks business opportunities when traveling, ‘Experience Connoisseur’ Millennials who are traveling for enrichment and ‘Timeless Adventurer’, over 65s who are building their own itineraries and exploring places before they become popular.

“Our New Luxe Landscapes Report provides deeper behavioural insights and motivations into elite travellers from Asia and the Pacific,” said Oriol Montal, Marriott’s managing director, Luxury, Asia Pacific.

“Whether it’s discovering new culinary experiences, travelling with their family or friends, or looking to forge connections with the local community, our research has identified new traveller archetypes, and provides Marriott International with new understandings in catering to this discerning traveller segment.”