Australia extends travel ban to Iran

The Federal Government has extended its China travel ban to include Iran.

The ban includes non-nationals travelling from Iran and follows Prime Minister Scott Morrison declaring coronavirus a “global pandemic”.

Foreign nationals travelling from Iran will be forced to spend 14 days in a third country before being allowed into Australia. Australian citizens and permanent residents will need to isolate themselves for a fortnight after returning from Iran.

The ban also follows a confirmed case of coronavirus in a woman who recently returned back to Australia from Iran.

Iran has seen a surge of new cases of coronavirus, but is not alone with South Korea and Italy also seeing spikes in the number of people infected.

But the government has resisted calls for further travel bans for other countries.

“We have cases spreading in many countries and it’s not possible to further isolate Australia,” said chief medical officer Brendan Murphy.

“We can’t be putting on travel bans and quarantine requirements from every country that develops this virus.”