ASM Global’s Tim Worton steps down to pursue very different role

ASM Global’s Tim Worton is stepping down to pursue a new path.

Tim Worton, ASM Global’s group director of arenas in the Asia Pacific, has stepped down after 25 years with the company.

Worton has decided to pursue a very different role, initially as a full-time student at Moore Theological College in Sydney, with the goal of then working in a pastoral, chaplaincy or ministry role.

Harvey Lister, ASM Global chairman and chief executive for APAC, said Worton would be greatly missed.

“Tim has been a great ambassador for our organisation,” he said. “He has made an admirable and life changing decision to follow his faith and we applaud his decision and wish him well.

“Tim’s leadership and executive management of the arena portfolio is demonstrated by the continued growth of the Group’s arenas through innovation and ongoing development of entertainment content for audiences.”

Worton said his many years at the company had given him “amazing opportunities that I will always cherish”.

“Harvey has been incredibly supportive of my decision to go in this vastly different direction, allowing flexibility in my role and I am very grateful for his support and encouragement,” he said.

“What I have loved most about my career is supporting and mentoring colleagues, helping to create opportunities for future development.”