ASM Global launches new hygiene protocol VenueShield

The parent company behind ICC Sydney has announced it will launch a new environmental hygiene protocol in response to evolving client expectations stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Venue management and services company ASM Global will launch VenueShield across more than 325 ASM Global facilities around the world, providing the highest levels of cleanliness and safety.

“At the very heart of this effort is our focus on making our employees, tenants and guests safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment,” said Bob Newman, president and CEO of ASM Global.

“ASM’s unique and unmatched worldwide footprint of leading convention centers, arenas, stadia and theaters provides the input, data and resources to adapt to our guests’ needs and expectations while further enhancing the quality of their experience in our venues.”

Protocols align with public health authorities, medical and industry experts, and will vary based on the type of facility.

Among the measures being explored are the use of personal protective equipment, food safety measures, air quality control, surface cleaning, social distancing, temperature checks, thermal cameras, hand sanitisers, reduced touch points, contactless transactions, daily monitoring systems, and more.

“We realise that each of our venues across the globe are economic engines for their respective communities, representing local tax revenues, travel revenues and jobs,” Newman said.

“We look forward to re-opening these local and regional economic foundations, stimulating local economies, and again delivering the entertainment experience that has defined us for decades.”