Arinex pay their respects to long standing client Bob Heile

Digital Infrastructure Award Winners Daejeon and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centres presented by Bob Heile (second from right) and Roslyn McLeod (right).

Arinex has paid its respects to long-standing client Bob Heile, chair of the INCON Digital Infrastructure Award, who lost his battle with cancer at his home in Boston last month.

Heile was an internationalist and innovator who led the global harmonisation of digital communications including wi-fi and was also involved in the development and deployment of various wireless protocol standards, such as the Internet of Things.

“The business events industry is grateful for the generosity of spirit and the friendship this wonderful man gave effortlessly,” said Arinex founder Roslyn McLeod.

“Our condolences go to his family, his wife Bonnie and his daughters Sarah and Beth.”