Argus Media partners with Delegate Connect for upcoming conferences

Argus Media has partnered with Delegate Connect to deliver their virtual and hybrid conferences for this year.

Argus Media’s conferences bring together subject matter experts, key representatives from government and business related to the global energy and commodities markets.

“We’re excited to be working with Argus Media over the next year to deliver their series of influential conferences, and believe that delegates will receive an unrivalled event experience via our conferencing platform,” said Jordan Walsh, Delegate Connect’s managing director.

“Our job at Delegate Connect is to help event organisers deliver their virtual or hybrid event from start to finish. Our event platform has been designed and integrated into the event delivery workflow which ensures that every aspect of the event, from platform customisation to broadcast production, is seamlessly delivered.

“For our clients with large or global events, like Argus Media, we believe that the ability to deliver a bespoke branded experience is crucial, and our ability to offer custom platform development allows us to be agile and solve complex event problems.”