AOC boss downsizes Olympics stadium capacity for successful Queensland games

Queensland does not need to build a new 80,000-seat stadium to host a successful Olympic Games, according to Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates.

Part of a delegation invited to Switzerland this week to discuss a potential Queensland bid for the Olympics in 2032, Coates said a smaller venue could be built.

“The maximum is 60,000, that’s what’s been provided in Tokyo, that’s what London provided,” he said.

“And that could be a stadium that could reduce to a lesser amount afterwards, depending on what the legacy is going to be – no requirement for 80,000.”

Japan is building a 68,000-seat stadium with a capacity of more than 80,000 using temporary seating for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020

Coates conceded a new facility would need to be built, saying “there isn’t a stadium, to my mind”.

“I think there’ll be something developed for athletics and the ceremonies, there is an option with the Gabba,” he said.

“But probably, I think, a new stadium has to be prepared, but similar to the way that it was done with London, it could reduce to something afterwards.

“The days of 80,000, the days of 115,000 for Sydney is not required.”

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach has said he was impressed with how advanced the preparations were when he visited Brisbane recently.

“This project has all the ingredients to become a successful candidature,” he said.