American Covid-19 tourist couple defy quarantine and bolt from South Australia

An American couple that were part of a US tour group in the Barossa Valley that was quarantined after most of them tested positive for COVID-19 have bolted the state.

The unnamed couple were meant to be in quarantine while they waited for the test results, but fled interstate instead. They were later found to be infected with the coronavirus.

“For the safety of the community, patients are instructed to remain in isolation until their COVID-19 results have been communicated to them,” said SA’s Chief Public Health Officer Associate Professor Dr Nicola Spurrier.

“No order is placed on an individual unless there is reason to believe they will not abide by the direction.

“We are aware of two individuals tested for COVID-19 who left South Australia prior to their test results returning.

“The action of the individuals was irresponsible. However, given they are no longer in the country, no further action will be taken.”

The couple are believed to have left the country.

At least 16 of the remaining tour group have tested positive, with most of the group remaining in isolation in their Barossa Valley accommodation.