Airports ramp up health and hygiene measures ahead of an easing in restrictions

Airports are ramping up new hygiene and health measures as they look to an easing of travel restrictions.

Melbourne’s Avalon Airport will be the first airport in the country to introduce touchless check-in after signing a deal with Elenium Automation.

The touchless self-service check-in will allow passengers to control their interaction with the kiosks and bag drops via head movement. Passengers will also be able to hold their passports open in front of a camera, rather than by inserting them into a passport slot.

“The partnership between Elenium and Avalon demonstrates how quickly a response to the COVID-19 virus can be implemented,” said Justin Giddings, Avalon Airport’s CEO.

“This solution will allow passengers to go through the self-service experience without touching a device, thereby providing a seamless, intuitive and safe method of moving quickly through the airport.”

Canberra Airport is also ramping up health measures with the introduction of body temperature scanning at security last week.

“Passengers departing Canberra arrive at airport security as usual and as they pass through security a camera takes their image and records their temperature in real-time,” said the airport’s head of aviation, Michael Thomson.

“If a passenger has a body temperature over 37.8 degrees Celsius they will be attended by a registered nurse immediately.

“The nurse will provide a face mask, offer to take their temperature again, and ask the passenger to participate in a questionnaire.

“If a passenger continues to display signs of high temperature or fever then the airline they intend to travel with will be informed. This way both the individual passenger and the airlines will be best informed to make sensible decisions about whether the passenger should be travelling at this time.

“This is one measure in a suite of measures we are employing through and beyond COVID-19— including extra cleaning, hand-sanitiser being available for all, social distancing measures within the terminal and more.”