AirAsia to launch fast food restaurant

AirAsia is bucking the trend of complaining about airline food and is bringing its mile-high catering options to a new restaurant on the ground.

The Malaysian carrier’s CEO Tony Fernandes said their in-flight menu is “fantastic”.

“We believe in it so much that we’re going to start a fast-food restaurant out of it,” he told Larry King on Larry King Now.

“What we are doing is bringing the wonderful flavours of ASEAN into Santan to create a unique food experience, with the vision of replicating the on-ground gourmet experience onboard.

“The flavour, profile and pricing of in-flight food has always been a challenge but we believe that with Santan, we can create the first restaurant brand in the sky that is both tasty and affordable.”

The location and opening date of the restaurant are yet to be confirmed.