Air New Zealand safety video aborts after failed take off

It cost $2.5 million and it featured an eclectic line-up of Kiwi rappers but Air New Zealand has decided to pull its much derided music/safety video.

It lasted three months, possibly in the hope that dated hip-hop would become fashionable again. It didn’t. It has now been replaced with a video from 2016 featuring Rachel Hunter and Shortland Street actor Jayden Daniels in Northland.

Speaking ahead of the video’s launch last November, Air New Zealand brand and content marketing head Jodi Williams was optimistic the video would showcase New Zealand and the diversity of its population.

“It really is by Kiwis for Kiwis … In New Zealand, we do really well with promoting our landscapes, but this video’s about actually bringing to life urban centres and communities; getting to the heartbeat and showing the breadth and depth of talent. As well as what people do in their daily lives and to celebrate,” she said.

The problem with celebrating who you are is that who you are may not be worth celebrating. That’s why companies, such as Air New Zealand have done so successfully in the past, employ celebrities to promote their brand. Because celebrities are so much better at celebrating who we are than we are. That’s their job.