AIM Group launches new start-up hub

AIM Group International has launched a new company that will act as a start-up hub and incubator that fosters digital transformation in communication, brand activation and marketing technology.

AIM Communication – an Open Innovation Network will be lead by a Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno (president), Gianluca Scavo (CEO) and Nicola Sciumè (managing director).

“The pace of change is accelerating, in every business, and in particular in meetings, events and communication,” said Buongiorno.

“To be at the forefront of the industry, we must be able to predict the future, adapt and rapidly evolve. If we get this right, we are then in a position to be relevant to our clients and deliver value added services. So we decided to embrace a new challenge and create a company dedicated to foster innovation and lead digital transformation.

“AIM Communication will operate as a start-up with the goal of stimulating digital transformation, acting as an incubator of new business ideas, with a strategic, integrated approach. The current international crisis didn’t stop our plans, on the contrary it accelerated them. In hard times, you must be more determined and focused than ever.”

Sciumè says the digital acceleration they have experienced over the last few months is a big opportunity.

“Combining the long standing presence and expertise of AIM Group with excellence in innovation, across a broad number of areas will mean that we are best placed  to face our future and the development of the Group, with enthusiasm and determination ,” she said.