AIM Group International partners with Conference Compass on mobile event app

AIM Group International and Conference Compass have partnered to develop a mobile event app for clients

“With digital events and communication effectiveness becoming more and more important in our market, we decided to strengthen our collaboration with Conference Compass so that we can provide solutions to clients in a faster and more efficient way,” said Annalisa Ponchia, director customer experience & international business development of AIM Group.

“This long-term collaboration will help us to develop solutions more apt to respond to clients’ needs, following easier procedures, spending less time and with a competitive advantage. Apps today offer so many functionalities that their usage goes beyond the scope they were originally planned for: we will guide our clients to discover how to boost their potential also as a marketing tool and as valid support for live and online user experience”.

The companies will focus on appification, gamification and online interaction to make digital events more effective.

“More than ever, technology is crucial in bringing people together at conferences and events and to allow them to have engaging experience,” said Jelmer van Ast, CEO of Conference Compass.

“Together we will enable associations and corporate event planners to captivate their online and live audiences and turn them into active communities.”