AI and chatbot info desks give event tech company Freeman the edge in UFI Digital Innovation Awards

US-based global event tech company Freeman has won the UFI Digital Innovation Award 2019 for its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot services.

The service saw attendee information desks replaced by AI powered chatbot solutions such as Amazon Alexa information stations, answering attendees’ questions and helping organisers to improve attendees’ experience.

“As artificial intelligence changes the business of events and exhibitions, we think technologies like chatbots will be even more important for connecting and conversing with audiences all year long on whatever channels our audiences are on,” said Wilson Tang, Freeman vice president of innovation.

“Freeman is proud to share our digital insights on audience interests, customer needs, and industry innovation to create personalised brand experiences.”

This state-of-the-art AI powered chatbot technology solution allows organisers to constantly reach audiences in new ways all year, from multiple channels like an Alexa skill–powered event kiosk to SMS text messaging to web-based chat windows and integrations into mobile apps that capture the data necessary for creating dynamic, personalised experiences.

“This year we had not three but four extremely strong finalists in our Digital Innovation Award, which is a clear sign that the industry is taking digital more and more seriously,” said Matthias Tesi Baur, chair of the UFI Digital Innovation Committee.

“All four finalists have proven their power to innovate with different but always customer focused digital services. I was very impressed by their approach of how to use AI to enhance the customer experience.”