AEG Ogden backs plans for new boutique stadium on the Gold Coast

AEG Ogden chairman Harvey Lister has thrown his support behind plans for a new 10,000-seat live music arena on the Gold Coast.

“The Gold Coast has grown up enough and has a sufficient enough visitor load with hotels and accommodation that there is a potential market there,” Lister told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“The only way to optimise this market is to have a co-ordinated program with Brisbane.

“It would be nuts for us to be developing programming in competition with Brisbane.”

AEG already manages some of the state’s biggest venues, including the 11,000-seat Brisbane Entertainment Centre and the 52,000-seat Suncorp Stadium.

“I am not of the view the Gold Coast would be cannibalising Brisbane’s venues if there was to be one here too,” he said.

The plans for a boutique music venue are also backed by Mayor Tom Tate and events duo Billy and Jackie Cross.

Promoters TEG and Live Nation have said they were willing to work with local and state governments on a new indoor music venue able to host between 5000 and 10,000 people.