Adelaide secures Asia Pacific agrifood tech event for 2023

Adelaide will host Asia Pacific agrifood tech event EvokeAg in February 2023, which is expected to attract more than 2000 delegates across the two day event.

“As always competition for the event was fierce but Adelaide’s win of EvokeAg indicates by how much Adelaide is now recognised as a first-class destination for large scale tech business events across many sectors including agrifood,” said Adelaide Convention Bureau chief executive Damien Kitto.

Kitto said the SA Government has been a keen sponsor of the event given South Australia’s commitment to be a world leader in agritech advancement and operation.

“These delegates will bring SA some 8000 bed nights and this equates to a spend on hotels, restaurants and winery visits by business event delegates of more than $600 a day while a tourist brings in a far more modest $179 a day,” Kitto said.

“Of course, that is only the short-term benefit. Business events have a vital economic tail and the SA Premier has stated the event is expected to create 70 jobs and $7.4 million.

“That is without taking into consideration the jobs and economic boost to the State from knowledge transfer, research collaborations and business partnerships that make up the economic tail from the business event.”