Adelaide Oval’s new all local events menu

The new local menu has been led by Adelaide Oval executive chef Philip Pope.

Adelaide Oval has been prominently featuring South Australian produce on its menu for many years but has taken that one step further with the launch of its new Signature South Australian menu, made exclusively with locally sourced produce.

The menu has been championed by Adelaide Oval executive chef Philip Pope, who noticed an increased demand from functions and events guests for menus that are made with 100 per cent locally sourced produce.

“We are so fortunate in South Australia to be able to serve a wide range of fresh, quality produce,” he said.

“But with seasonality, creating a menu that is made with 100% locally sourced ingredients definitely takes more work. There is a lot more planning involved in terms of considering alternative products or connecting with new producers.”

The new menu offers organisers the option to serve their guests with food that is sourced entirely from within the SA including Kangaroo Island honey and Spencer Gulf kingfish.

“The Signature South Australian menu will be adapted to suit what’s in season and what’s available locally, so the ingredients will always be at their best,” Pope said.

“We know our function and events clients will love the opportunity to show their appreciation for our local food industry by way of their menu selection and look forward to showcasing the best of SA for their guests.”

Kym Masters, founder and principal cheesemaker of Section28 Artisan Cheeses who produce hard and semi-hard Alpine cheeses in the Adelaide Hills, said he was proud to be a supplier to Adelaide Oval.

“Initiatives such as Adelaide Oval’s Signature South Australian menu are vital for businesses such as mine, even more so in recent times where we’ve faced challenges such as COVID and the 2019 bushfires,” he said.

“To have the surety of supply as well as the profile and brand awareness that comes  with being available at such an iconic venue means a lot to us.”