Adelaide Entertainment Centre to be replaced by new arena

Premier Steven Marshall is set to announce plans for a new arena to replace the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

The new arena for concerts, sport and major events will be built between Adelaide’s railyards and the River Torrens and is expected to increase the Adelaide Convention Centre’s capacity significantly.

A report in The Advertiser suggests the new arena would seat 30,000 and cost $700 million.

The arena proposal has been developed by the Adelaide Venue Management Corporation, which operates both the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Adelaide Convention Centre.

Public opinion is yet to be gauged, but online comments suggest it may be an uphill battle with one person posting “Spending a truck load of money just to be able to demolish a perfectly good Entertainment Centre is an absolute waste”.

Another post stated; “What’s wrong with the entertainment centre? They spent all that money extending the tram line there and now they are cancelling the venue? What a stupid waste of money the whole thing is.”