Adelaide council goes NIMBY on Harvest Rock festival


South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas may step in to ensure a major live music festival planned for Adelaide goes ahead if the City Council refuses to back a necessary road closure for three days during the event.

The Adelaide City Council is expected to vote against closing Bartels Road from November 18-21, forcing the cancelation of the Harvest Rock festival.

But Malinauskas said he will “explore all options” to overrule the Council and ensure the festival goes ahead.

“Make no mistake, if my government forms a view that something is in the best interest of the city, then my government will explore all the options available to us and the powers that are available to us to make sure that we facilitate that,” Malinauskas told ABC Radio.

“We worked well with the council where we can and that’s utterly appropriate. But we reserve our right to use the authorities and the powers that are invested in us, if we form the view that that’s in the best interest of the city, and people that work within the city, along with the business owners that employ those people.”

The festival is being organised by Secret Sounds Group, which is behind Splendour in the Grass and the Falls festivals, with some of the funding to come from state government.

The music festival is expected to attract between 20,000 to 25,000 patrons a day, with stages set up in Rymill Park and King Rodney Park, connected by Bartels Road which would need to be closed for the duration.

But City councillor Alexander Hyde said residents in the CBD were fed up with the disruption caused by festivals such as Illuminate and the resurrected Adelaide 500.

“I think most (city) councillors view this as a bridge too far and I would be surprised if more than a couple of councillors support this road closure,” he told The Advertiser.