ACT Government seeking producer for new $1.85m winter festival

The ACT government has announced a new $1.85 million winter festival for Canberra in 2020 to boost tourist numbers during the coldest months.

The new festival is now looking for a director to run it, with the aim of bringing together “creative thinkers, technologists, futurists, artists and designers” to highlight the territory’s strengths as a hub for innovation, design and culture.

According to government tender documents, the program could include talks, workshops and fairs with a “festival vibe featuring music, food, showcases, launches and demonstrations”.

The government wants the festival to focus on four themes: the future of society and humanity, democracy, technology and culture.

Funding for the 2020 event is included in the upcoming territory budget, but no money has been allocated for the festival in future years.

“We expect the development of the festival will involve collaborations and participation from a range of Canberra-based individuals, industries and sectors, including academia, technology, innovation, gaming, politics and culture,” said an ACT government spokeswoman.

A tender is also out for an executive producer for Floriade and Nightfest to lead the festivals between 2020 and 2024.

Both tenders close on June 18 with the contracts set to be awarded in July.