AACB and Australian convention centres join the call for a united industry voice

The AACB held a special general meeting to discuss the amalgamation of the three industry bodies into a single entity.

The Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) and the Australian Convention Centre Group (ACCG) are the latest organisations to support the amalgamation of relevant industry associations into a united single voice.

The move follows a similar resolution by the Exhibitions and Events Association of Australia (EEAA) in December, when EEAA members unanimously moved a motion to allow its Board to merge with the AACB and ACCG, creating a new entity.

“Currently, the industry voice is splintered across multiple associations, which can at times make it challenging to advocate the sector’s value,” the ACCG said in a statement.

AACB president Michael Matthews said the outcome in step with other leading bodies comes at a critical time to face future challenges.

“A new industry peak body with a sustainable business model will be able to achieve far more and have greater influence than the status quo of smaller under-resourced groups with competing priorities,” he said.

“We will continue to value our united, connected, and vibrant convention bureau community. And with greater investment in research and advocacy, we will be able to better demonstrate the economic contribution and social impact of business events as the true trusted experts and representative ‘one voice’ of the industry.”

AACB CEO Andrew Hiebl said a stronger, well-resourced peak body will be able to better support the needs of businesses.

“Australia’s convention bureaux are representative of some 1,800 businesses, large and small, across the country, and it is in their best interest that city and regional convention bureaux have collectively made this decision,” he said.