A by Adina Sydney to give guests a sky high welcome

TFE Hotels’ A by Adina Sydney is gearing up for its opening next week.

The hotel is located in a new 26-storey tower and features a sky lobby on the 21st floor.

“Stepping out of the lift into the sky lobby will take your breath away,” said Amanda Cottome, the hotel’s general manager.

“Guests will check in, they might have a drink at the bar and take in the views, before heading down to their apartment.”

An integrated control system seamlessly readies any one of the hotel’s 194 apartments the moment guests check in.

A bit like a high-tech butler, it goes to work and prepares the room for arrival by switching on the air conditioner and setting a comfortable room temperature, before closing the blinds and turning off all the lights,” Cottome said.

“When guests swipe their key card, the technology sets off a sensory welcome experience, automatically raising the blinds on floor-to-ceiling windows and turning on the lights. ”

The hotel’s lower-ground entry foyer is the home of a new Italian restaurant by Sydney restaurateur Maurice Terzini, of Icebergs and CicciaBella fame.