5 minutes with a Vivid imagination

CIM spoke with Sydney-based Anthony Bastic, CEO of AGB Events and director of Light for Vivid for the past 10 years, about his lightbulb career moments.

Do you regard your light projects as spectacle or art? The lighting projects that AGB creates convey a clear narrative and are always artistic. We are fortunate enough to have some of the most creative digital artists at AGB who continue to create inspiring, highly artistic work.

If you had total freedom what place or landscape would you like to light up? I would love to work with light artists and designers to develop new lighting for parks and public spaces, so rather than harsh white light, we could have parklands that are more inviting.

What attracted you to working with light? I’ve always been interested in how the element of light has the ability to change our mood and change atmospheres. Over the ten years of curating and producing the light component of Vivid Sydney, I have witnessed this feeling of awe and wonderment that people get when interacting with light.

You also seem to be attracted to history? I’m an avid reader and have always been interested in people’s stories and life journeys, particularly ones that began hundreds, thousands and a millennia ago! At school I studied Australian history and learnt about the oldest continuous culture that we share this land with along with the stories of early settlement which forms part of our own journey.

Are you a storyteller at heart? I come from an Irish family, I considered my father one of the most interesting story tellers and I think I’ve inherited his ability to remain curious about the world and am keen to share my experiences and knowledge through storytelling.